Appointment coordination made easy!

Tedious and manual coordination of appointments is now history!

meetagree is the simplest and smartest appointment assistant in the world and takes over the complete coordination of appointments – automatically and within seconds!

The intelligent algorithm generates intersection dates for all persons and suggests suitable date proposals within seconds based on the common availabilities. During this process meetagree only checks whether a time slot in a calendar is “blocked or free”. Thus your privacy is completely protected and the appointments are not visible for us or for other persons.

With the help of the swipe function, the invited persons can quickly and easily accept or reject the appointment proposals received. Half the nerve distortion and double the fun – Meetagree makes your everyday life easier!



meetagree generates appointment proposals fully automatically with several persons


meetagree takes your appointment preferences into account for appointment determination

highly efficient

The meetagree algorithm finds common availabilities within seconds


Simple creation and confirmation of appointments and appointment proposals

calendar synchronization

Link all your favorite calendars (iCloud, Office365, Google, Exchange)

all appointments in one place

The meetagree calendar combines all appointments in one calendar


meetagree is the first step towards fully automated appointment coordination between several people.
Possible areas of application are:

  • Coordinate appointments for meetings with business partners
  • Make leisure appointments with friends